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Overnight Safari

Embark on a transformative journey into the heart of the desert with our Overnight Desert Safari—an experience that transcends the ordinary, inviting you to linger beneath the celestial desert tapestry. While a minimum of 2 companions enhances the joy, solitary travelers need not hesitate; this is an odyssey designed for the solitary soul.

A seamless extension of the evening desert safari, the overnight expedition unfurls once the sun-kissed guests of the evening safari bid their adieus to the campsite. Nestle into the embrace of an overnight tent, where mattresses, pillows, and blankets await, ensuring a night cocooned in comfort. As the desert assumes its nocturnal persona, starlight becomes your canopy.

Facilities abound, including washrooms and showers, ensuring that the allure of the desert doesn’t compromise your comfort. Awake to the soft glow of dawn and savor a freshly served breakfast, accompanied by the fragrant notes of tea and coffee, before the sands beckon you back to your urban abode.

Inclusions & Exclusions:

✔ Pick up from centrally located hotels in Dubai and a rendezvous point in Sharjah.
✔ Dive into the exhilaration of Dune Bashing in a robust 4×4.
✔ Pause for a photographic rendezvous with the sunset.
✔ Welcome the night at the campsite with Arabic Coffee (gahwa) and fresh dates.
✔ Partake in the regal elegance of Camel rides.
✔ Express your artistic side with Henna painting.
✔ Succumb to the aromatic allure of Hubble Bubble (shisha).
✔ Immerse yourself in photography adorned in traditional costumes.
✔ Be enthralled by the Fire Show and Tanura dance.
✔ Stay hydrated with unlimited soft drinks, tea, coffee, and mineral water.
✔ Indulge in a sumptuous Buffet Dinner and B.B.Q.
✔ Overnight sojourn under the star-studded desert sky.
✔ Comfort is paramount with provided mattresses, pillows, and blankets.
✔ Wake up to a fresh breakfast, accompanied by tea/coffee.
✔ Bid adieu at 8.30 am the next morning.
✔ Optional Sand Skiing and Quad Bike adventures available at an additional cost.

A tripod is your ally if you’re armed with a camera, capturing the enchanting night sky and the morning sun’s gentle ascent in the desert.
Travel light; bring towels and basic toiletries. Leave behind the burden of a sizable bag, as our cars prioritize the joy of the journey over luggage space.
If the camp marks your inaugural night in Dubai, entrust your luggage to the hotel of your subsequent stay.
Abandon electronic devices; the desert symphony deserves your undivided attention, and there are no electrical points at the camp.
The Overnight Desert Safari beckons, not just as a sojourn but as a rendezvous with the timeless whispers of the desert night.