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Private Safari

Elevate your desert adventure to a zenith of exclusivity by reserving an entire car, ensuring an intimate rendezvous with the dunes exclusively for you and your entourage. Tailored for couples, families, and friends who relish the allure of solitude, this private car option crafts a bespoke experience that transcends the ordinary.

Accommodating up to 6 individuals, each car becomes a sanctuary of personal exploration, a cocoon where shared moments become treasures. This option isn’t just about seclusion; it’s an invitation to choreograph your desert escapade, a canvas where you dictate the pace of your journey through the undulating sands.

For those seeking a more measured dance with the dunes during the exhilarating dune bashing, this option grants you the autonomy to request your desert safari guide to modulate the speed to your preference—whether a spirited rush or a gentle traverse.

This exclusive option is not confined to a specific safari; it extends its embrace to all our offerings, be it the morning’s awakening, the evening’s enchantment, the overnight’s celestial reverie, or the adventurous escapades that beckon the bold.

For a safari that mirrors the cadence of your desires, delve into the realm of the private desert safari—an odyssey sculpted by your whims and the vastness of the desert canvas that awaits.